Welcome to our new blog! 🎉

Wed, Jun 16, 2021 3-minute read

This is where we will share tips, techniques, thoughts, code and insights from our work as full stack developers.

Kode who…?

We are Kode Oslo. A small, independent IT/software company consisting of five full stack developers and a business developer based in Oslo, Norway. Our story as a company began when we worked as a team for the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and joint services in higher education and research. We soon discovered a great potential as a team, and we started Kode Oslo in 2017 as an independent consultant company. Our clients are in both the private and public sector, and we have solved digital problems in industries such as telecom, industrial engineering, geotech/GIS, fintech and more.

We are a product driven team, and we are always looking for projects that are product driven and developed by cross functional teams, in domains that we are interested in and curious about. Our philosophy is to align our interests and goals as developers, with our clients projects and needs. Our experience is that this alignment will greatly enhance the quality and value of the work we do on the projects we are working on.

Ok, enough with the sales manager/meeting room pitch.

Why this blog?

We constantly discuss ideas, possibilities, challenges in our everyday work as developers. Often, we end a long discussion on Discord or Slack with something like: “We should share these thoughts/insights/code-snippets/etc. with the world! This could be a blog post”. And here we are. We now have a blog!

What you can expect

We like to discuss many different topics related to our work such as programming languages (such as F#, Scala, Javascript/Typescript, Python) tools we use (and the tools we don’t use) and general trends in tech. But we also discuss team management, work cultures and development methodology in practice. Besides that, what we really like to discuss how we can apply what we can in different fields, and how we cooperate with domain experts, designers, project managers, UXers, data engineers, data scientists and so on. And what we really like to think and talk about are new product ideas, emerging markets and fields where things can be done better with the use of technology.

And much more!

✌️ 🚀

The Kode Oslo Team

www.kodeoslo.no (our Norwegian website) kontakt@kodeoslo.no (if you want to get in touch)

This post is written by: Erik (erik@kodeoslo.no).

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